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This is the latest on our All American count. This total comes from those athletes selected to the Collegiate Honor Roll from 1925 to 1962. All American selections begin in 1941, but it's a "mixed bag" as Honor Roll selections are also included in some years yet not others. I've attempted to clarify this below. The research continues so stay tuned.


Collegiate Honor Roll and All American criteria:

(My thanks to Ellen Summers of the NCAA for contributing to this information)


1921-24: No selections were made or awarded.


1925-40 Collegiate Honor Roll: The Collegiate Honor Roll was based on performances by eligible college men during the season. The rankings were determined by a vote of the Rules Committee and representative coaches from all sections. The honor roll included only performances by eligible college men representing their institutions during the season and competing under rules and standards recommended by the NCAA.


1941-43;1946-74 All-America College Track & Field Team and Collegiate Honor Roll: In 1941 All American College Team selections were introduced and from 1941 to 1962 the two lists (Honor Roll & All American) would recognize collegiate track athletes. The Honor Roll selections would cease after 1962 in favor of the All American selections.


1975-81: It would appear that in 1975 All-American status would no longer be a selection process by the NCAA Rules Committee, but be determined by one's finish at the NCAA Championship Meet. At this point I could not find documentation to support this claim, but will assume the following: All-American: Top 6 per event in the Championship Meet, to include top 6 U.S.-born finishers.


1982-84: All-American Top 12 per event


1985-2005: All-American Top eight per event, to include the top eight U.S.-born finishers


2006-10: All-American Top eight per event, to include the top eight U.S.-born finishers (team must have USTFCCCA membership)



2011-Present: All-American Top eight First Team; 9-16 Second Team (team must have USTFCCCA membership)


Rev. 11/2015


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