One Man's War

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Robert H. Allison flying F4F
Portrait of Author
F4F above carrier
Carriers at North Island San Diego
Failed take-off sequence
TBM failed landing frame 1
TBM failed landing frame 2
Imperial Palace
F6F at photo recon school
Twilight landing
Lt Wada
Landing Signal Officer
Flyaway take-off from USS Petrof Bay
F4F landing aboard USS Petrof Bay
Ensign James M. Wells
Lost Wheel Landing
Formation of TBMs
USS Petroff Bay
Room Mates At Iowa Preflight
Allison Family Minus Two
Lt Wada
Greetings from Pensacola
Sloppy Joe Bar
Squadron Emblem
FM2 Catapult Take-Off
FM2 Landing
CAG - C. P. Smith
Lt. Robert Ira (Red Horse) Meyers
Four Pilots
Division of FM2s
VC 93 Pilots of USS Petrof Bay
VC 93 gunners and radiomen
Two Couples
VC 93 Luau - Kaneohe, Oahu
Crossing the equator Initiation
5000th landing party aboard USS Petrof Bay
Chance-Vought F4U Corsair
Grumman F6F Hellcat
Beach on Guam
Ready for fly away take-off
Mog Mog
Departing Ulithi for Okinawa
VC 93 pilots on USS Petrof Bay
Kamakazi attack on USS Petrof Bay
Ensign G. Alan Collipriest
Ensign Charles Janson
Stormy weather
More Stormy weather
Refueling destroyer from escort carrier
Lt. Joe Oliver and his damaged TBM
Attack on Yontan airfield
Okinawa cemetery crypts
VC 93 humor
Lt. Tuttle's damaged TBM
Ensign R. Kinnard and his damaged TBM
Rest camp - Guam M. I.
Japanese postcard found in fox hole at Yontan
Guam theater
Ensign George Vigeant
VC 93 Composite Photo 1945
Chief Melvin W. Allison
Lt. Carl A. Allison
Medals and Citations
Mt Fuji

Japanese aircraft on fire
Guamese villagers capturing small fish in lagoon
VC 93 pilots sampling catch
Kamakaze strikes USS Natoma Bay sequence
Hard landing
Tracers at night
Breeches Buoy
USS Lunga Point, CVE 94
USS Sable
USS Greater Buffalo
Hot shot pilot
USS Petrof Bay in mothballs
The World Travels of Ensign Allison and Squadron VC 93 (MAP)
Japanese landing craft found on Guam
Members of VC 93 at Guam rest camp
Damaged parachute
VC 93 FM-2 at White Center Playground (1959-1970)
VC 93 FM-2 restoration underway at Seattle Museum of Flight
VC 93, 1992 reunion photo
Petrof Bay Bridge
Restoration Crew
Map showing Petrof and Steamer Bays
Classified photo
Aircraft History Card

more to come

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